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The Repository: CAGS Webinar Archives

25 Course items

Accessing the Repository


Access to The Repository is free all CAGS Members in 2023.


Non-Members can purchase access to The Repository on an annual basis. 

Expiry of Access

Your access to this item will expire on Dec 31 of the year of purchase.

The CAGS Webinar Archives


This repository item holds various CAGS webinars. All webinars for the current year can be accessed using the Webinar link in the navigation bar.

  • Scroll down to see the the resources.
  • Use the drop down at the top middle of your screen ("All Tracks") to filter the videos by year and/or type

The user acknowledges that the workshops, handouts, and related course materials contained therein are intended for educational purposes only, and should not be considered to be legal advice or a substitute for legal or clinical consultation. These presentations address issues that are multi-faceted, and the user should not assume that the courses discuss every law, regulation, or ethical code that may be relevant to the subject matter. Legal and ethical standards are subject to change and it is always prudent to check to see whether a particular law, regulation, or ethical standard may have changed.

Refunds/Cancellations: CAGS does not offer refunds for On-Demand Library purchases.